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Gary “Wash” Washington – LB/DL

“To all ballers who are looking for that extra piece…techniques, footwork or even drive!! Coach Detlef Zorn is that man! He pushed me to do better in all aspect of my game play and pushed me to go even further. My game improved enough that I was getting double teamed in the LineBacker position and teams would run away from me! Wanna get better…get to Coach Zorn!”

Gary “Wash”Washington #54/45 Troisdorf Jets


Jason Adjei – LB

“Coach Zorn und seine sportliche Philosophie werde ich mein Leben nicht vergessen, er hat mich als Mensch und auf dem Football Platz geprägt. Er hat mich gelehrt immer an mir zu arbeiten und das beste rauszuholen. Als Personal Trainer hab ich seine Philosophie verinnerlicht und gebe diese heute auch so weiter.”

Jason Adjei


Barry Thomas – DL

“I had the pleasure to be a player for Coach Zorn during my first experience with German football. From the very beginning before I even made it to Germany I could tell that I would have a great experience under Coach Zorn. He is a student to the game of football because he is always learning and always improving to make sure that his defense is the most disciplined, effective, and feared in the league. There was never an opponent that we as a team weren’t prepared for thanks to his thorough preparation. He recognizes where his positions are that need help as well as the positions that are more dominant. I always appreciated the fact that no matter if you were the best or aspiring to be the best he will put you in the best position to make plays. I will always appreciate that you gave me the opportunity to be a playmaker for your team!”

Barry Thomas Former Langenfeld Longhorns

1st Div. College NCAA, Murray State,
Langenfeld Longhorns GFL 2,
Troisdorf Jets GFL 2
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